Duo-Aire has been providing kitchen ventilation systems to the commercial market since 1969. Duo-Aire manufactures a complete line of kitchen exhaust hoods, a U.L. listed concentric grease duct system, a complete line of rooftop equipment, as well as a utility distribution system. This complete system provides the customer with all their kitchen ventilation requirements engineered to their specific needs.

       Duo-Aire has been manufacturing kitchen ventilation products for the HVAC and food service markets for almost forty years, with primary emphasis in the HVAC market. Originally incorporated in 1969 in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Duo-Aire became one of the first manufacturers of kitchen hoods to introduce make-up air into the hood. Duo-Aire was the first to introduce make-up air into the hood via a controlled air curtain approach, which controlled not only the amount but the velocity of supply air insuring a comfortable, quality product to the end user. This design also led Duo-Aire into many other designs of kitchen hoods that exist in the market today including exhaust only, short circuit, front face discharge, and low proximity designs.
       Duo-Aire quickly became known in the HVAC industry for offering the “packaged system” approach to kitchen ventilation which included Duo-Aire’s detailed design engineering, kitchen hood, curbs, pre-wired heated or non-heated, make-up air units, exhaust fans and Duo-Aire’s patented U.L. Listed concentric duct. This packaged approach enabled the customer to purchase all of their kitchen ventilation requirements from a single source manufacturer which was a new, and different approach in the market in the early 1970’s. Along with this Duo-Aire received listings on their products from UL, ETL, and AGA and these listings continue on all Duo-Aire products offered.
       Duo-Aire has manufactured all of its products in house, except the exhaust fans, which are purchased direct from the fan manufacturer. Duo-Aire’s make-up air units have been manufactured by Duo-Aire for over twenty-five years and include direct fired, indirect fired, electric, as well as non-heated supply air units. These make-up units have been provided in conjunction with hoods for replacement of exhaust air as well as stand alone heating units. Additionally, all units are available with cooling options as well as with many other options to support the customer needs.
Duo-Aire’s U.L. Listed ductwork was developed by Duo-Aire in 1974, and the “unique” duct within a duct system was approved by Underwriter’s Lab as an acceptable grease duct system that was approved for installation to within one inch of combustible materials without the requirement of being wrapped with a fire rated material. This duct was immediately accepted by the industry as an excellent duct system offering the customer a safe, and cost efficient product which is still considered a unique and cost effective duct system that continues to be installed in many applications (particularly schools) all across the country. Thousands of these grease duct systems have been installed across the U.S.
       Duo-Aire has always marketed it’s product’s through its national group of professional independent representatives who call upon mechanical engineers and contractors in the market area.. The representatives work closely with the factory in order to provide excellent customer service to the end user, and provide expertise to the customer for the design requirements of their ventilation systems.
       Duo-Aire remained an independent company until 1999 when a subsidiary of Dover Corporation (Randell Manufacturing) acquired the business and all its assets as a natural addition to the other ventilation lines that Dover Corporation owned. After this acquisition all manufacturing was consolidated in Randell’s manufacturing plant located in Weidman, Michigan. Duo-Aire remains a strong brand name in the HVAC market providing kitchen hoods, duct, fans and make-up air units, and with the acquisition, has been able to offer additional products such as different designs of hoods as well as a new Duo-Aire utility distribution system (UDS) to the customer.
       With over 35 years of experience in the design of quality kitchen ventilation and make-up air systems and with the addition of new products available as the result of being associated with Dover Corporation, Duo-Aire will be providing this same quality to its customer base for many years to come.


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